Saturday, 5 November 2016

Don't bin it...

... give it to someone who can use it.

Every day, used but serviceable things are dumped as waste at Hempsted and other amenity sites or just put in the green bin.

But there may be someone out there who could use what you're discarding - perhaps re-use it, repair it or use for spare parts.

The Gloucester area has at least 4 websites for 'free-cycling' - free advertising of items to be given away:


Freegle (Trash nothing)



If you post something on any of these sites, it will cost you nothing. You'll get emailed if anyone is interested.  The you just decide who's going to have it and they come and collect it at a time to suit you.  Apart from registering on the site, the only time you need to give your address is when you're telling someone where to come to pick up the stuff.

So you can keep those trips to Hemsted to a minimum, help reduce landfill and pass on something you don't want to someone who does - all at no cost to you.

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David Jones said...

Thanks - only heard of Freecycle but never tried it.