Wednesday, 16 November 2016

If you walk a dog, why not join 'Paws on Patrol'?

Tewkesbury Community Safety Partnership recognises dog walkers spend a lot of time out and about in their community, and are likely to notice when something out of the ordinary is happening.

Dog walkers who join Paws on Patrol are encouraged to record observations of suspicious activity and report it.  Paws on Patrol is not just about reducing crime, it’s about tackling ‘quality of life’ issues such as dog fouling, fly-tipping, inconsiderate or dangerous parking and traffic offences.

Paws on Patrol links into other parts of the safety partnership including Neighbourhood Watch and the Local Policing Teams.

Members who provide an email address, will be notified of Partnership news and alerts from the Police or the Borough Council.

For more information, see the leaflet on the TBC website.  If you would like to register please visit, complete a simple registration form and return it to:

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