Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pavements are for people

Try getting a wheelchair or pushchair through here!

It can't be done.  The overgrown hedge is already restricting the pavement width and a vehicle parked on the pavement is reducing it even more. You couldn't walk through without touching either the hedge or the van or both. The hedge is the responsibility of the property owner and the van is illegally parked and causing an obstruction.

If such hedges are not trimmed back, Maisemore Parish Council will shortly be asking Tewkesbury Borough Council to use their enforcement powers to cut them and bill the residents for the cost of their contractor.  MPC will also be working with the police to stop vehicles parking on pavements.

It will help everyone if vehicles parked on the road are kept in the road and off the pavement, particularly on the main road.  If they're on the pavement, through traffic doesn't slow down.  If they're parked on the road, traffic slows down or stops.  That could save someone's life!

If you park a vehicle in the road at night, though, make sure it's facing in the right direction and your rear reflectors are clean!

Pavements are for people - not parking, plants or poop.

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