Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bin day this week is Wednesday

Due to the holidays, the bin collection day this week is changed to Wednesday instead of Tuesday. This week it's the green general waste bin - plus the food waste caddy and - if you have one, your brown bin for green garden waste.

Please do make use of the food waste collection service - it's probably the most important bit of recycling we do. Did you know that, if all our food waste was collected and fed into anaerobic digesters - as ours is - it could provide at least a quarter of the country's domestic energy need? By contrast , if it goes into landfill it produces methane which gets into the atmosphere and is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases. So please don't put food waste in the general waste bin.

Food waste should not be loose in the caddy - it should be either in a compostable bag or in either an ordinary carrier bag or wrapped in newspaper.

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