Saturday, 29 July 2017

New litter bin installed

Maisemore has its first litter bin - at the 'weir' layby on The Rudge, which is a notorious hot spot for litter.  Whether those dropping the litter will use it is unknown but, for those public spirited volunteers who pick up litter, the bin will make it more convenient  to dispose of it.

The Parish Council bought the bin - and many thanks to Mike Bubb and the Dirtworks team who installed it.  Arrangements will now be made for Tewkesbury Borough Council to include it in their collection rounds.


Anonymous said...

Whilst the new bin is a sight for sore eyes within Maisemore, surely more bins could be utilised by the Church in the Steadings and also at the junction of Old Road. As a new resident within Maisemore and also a dog owner, I am disgusted about the amount of litter and dogs mess around the Village. I am not surprised that residents put up notices on their frontages to highlight the problem. Another location would be the Village Hall car park.

News Editor said...

Anonymous comments are usually removed, but I have left these constructive suggestions for others to comment on. If they are put forward to the clerk with a request that the item be added to the next agenda, they can be considered by the Parish Council and possibly included in the 2018/19 budget. There is no budget for additional bins this year. Each bin costs just under £250 plus installation.

Please do give some identification when posting comments so that we can get in touch.

News Editor said...

A further anonymous comment has been removed.

If anything is to be considered by the Parish Council, it must be on an agenda. Any resident can request that an item is put on the agenda by contacting the clerk ( at least a week before a meeting. The next meeting is on Monday 4th September.

Any item on the agenda can also be raised in the public participation section at the start of each meeting.