Monday, 13 July 2020

Share Scam reported by a villager:

As reported to me:

Scammer rang purporting to be from USA solicitors (Richieson Securities LLC) handling hostile share takeover and wanting to buy some shares I had from a company I used to work for. There is a company Richieson Securities in New York with web page

Conversation to begin with was much as you would expect although strange. However they then said that a Performance Bond would be needed to be raised in which case I would have to pay 20% of shares value and also would need to sign Power of Attorney!!!!!!!!!!

The first loud alarm bell went off ref Performance Bond as I handle that at work and know the ins and outs. No-one in there right sense would agree to anything over 0.05%  and I’m certainly not giving anyone Power of Attorney yet!

Telephone numbers scammers are using : +1 716-995-6899 (Buffalo, New York) and 020 7193 7078. Accents are Far Eastern. I have since found on web that the UK number has been flagged up as one scammers are using.

They had my name address and home telephone number from a shareholder list I expect.

I have informed the FCA and the company I have shares with.


Info on the London number given:

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