Thursday, 15 October 2020

Flood relief A417 Maisemore, B4213 Apperley and surrounding areas

Cllr Mat Fuller (of Staunton Parish Council but on behalf of the action group) writes:


On behalf of the A417 Maisemore and B4213 Apperley action group we need your help please.

Many times each year, thousands of people are severely impacted by flooding of main artery routes; A417 Maisemore, B4213 Apperley and surrounding areas. The enormous displacement of traffic severely impacts alternative routes e.g. B4215 Newent - Highnam plus all minor roads, causing heavy congestion, infrastructure damage & immense economic cost. I am sure you will agree, this is an intolerable situation and cannot continue to blight our lives.

Parish and Town Councils are unanimously supportive to get this resolved and County Councillors are united to lobby for a co-ordinated solution.

Public and business' strength of feeling is crucial to supporting our County Councillors in their lobbying of Gloucestershire County Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Planning, Highways, Environmental authorities and Members of Parliament.

Your signature and support are crucially important and will make a difference.



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