Old Village Directory

Maisemore Parish Council:
Parish Clerk - Jackie Shields, 26 Malmsey Close, Tewkesbury, Glos, GL20 5FH - 01684 291069  clerk@maisemore-pc.org.uk

Andrew Cooley, Peartree Cottage, Persh Lane GL2 8HH -01452 912617 andrew.cooley@maisemore-pc.org.uk (Chairman)

Debbie Burgess, Hole in the Wall, The Rudge – 01452 523730 debbie.burgess@maisemore-pc.org.uk (Vice Chairman)

Carole Banks, Field House, Blacksmiths Lane – 01452 304598 carole.banks@maisemore-pc.org.uk

Robert Scott, 1 Bell Cottages, Old Road - 01452 901798  robert.scott@maisemore-pc.org.uk.

Peter Wegmann, Maisemore Park GL2 8HX - 01452 314164 peter.wegmann@maisemore-pc.org.uk

website: http://www.maisemore-pc.org.uk. The Parish Council is aiming to make this a community news and information resource.

Police (non emergency)
Tel: 101 (15p per call) www.gloucestershire.police.uk

Crime stoppers
0800 555111 - crimestoppers-uk.org

Borough Council:
Tewkesbury Borough Council – 01684 295010 www.tewkesbury.gov.uk

Borough Councillors (Highnam and Haw Bridge ):
Philip Awford (Conservative) Town Street Farm Cottage, Town Street, Tirley, Gloucestershire. GL19 4HG  07411 050293 councillor.awford@tewkesbury.gov.uk

Derek Davies (Conservative) 12 Woodleigh Field,  Highnam, Gloucestershire , GL2 8LT 01452 501816 - councillor.davies@tewkesbury.gov.uk

County Council
Gloucestershire County Council – 01452 425000 www.gloucestershire.gov.uk

County Councillor ( Severn Vale):
Philip Awford (Conservative) Town Street Farm Cottage, Town Street, Tirley, Gloucestershire. GL19 4HG  07411 050293 - philip.awford@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Member of Parliament:
Mark Harper (Conservative) House of Commons, London , SW1A 0AA mark.harper.mp@parliament.uk
Constituency Office Tel: 01594 823482 www.markharper.org/

Village Agent:
Ann Vaughan- 07534 064169 avaughan@villageagent.grcc.org.uk

St Giles Church :
Rector – Rev’d John Longuet-Higgins - 700965
Marnie Mitchell - 700790

Primary School:
Hartpury School , Over Old Road , Hartpury, Glos – 700446  www.hartpury.org.uk/

Post Offices:
Hartpury (+ it’s a village shop) - 700800
Ashleworth (+ it’s a village shop) - 700215
Highnam Post Office – 2 Maidenhall, Highnam – 522912
Main Central Post Office, The Oxebode, Gloucester

Local Pub:
The White Hart Inn (on the main road at the junction between the A417 and The Rudge) Tel: 01452 500763

Other local shops:
Over Farm Market - 521014( Severn Vale)
St. George`s Bakery, Corse – 700234

Local Doctors:
Staunton & Corse Surgery - 840228
The Old School Surgery, Highnam - 529699
Various in Gloucester

Local Dentists:
Various in Gloucester

Footpath leaflets:
Can be found in the church porch

Neighbourhood Watch:
Please contact Parish Council for further information

Village Hall Committee
Secretary: Carole Banks, Field House, Blacksmiths Lane - 01452 304598 www.MaisemoreVillageHall.co.uk

Village Hall Bookings.

Village Hall Activities:
Include the Maisemore Arts & Drama Society (MADS). Contact Debbie Burgess, Hole in the Wall, The Rudge – 523730 or visit the website http://www.madsplay.com/

Wednesday Walking Group
Rosealeen Lane , Angus Cottage, Old Road – 01452  527341
The Friendship Club (Thursdays)
Jane Evans 01452 840168
Local History Society
Rosealeen Lane , Angus Cottage, Old Road – 01452  527341.  The society has it's own website at http://maisemorehistory.btck.co.uk/

Maisemore to Gloucester Cycle Path

The Grapevine (parish newsletter):
Brian Knowles, 1 Church Rise – 01452 305810  b@gloucester.org.uk

Village information website
http://maisemore.org.uk/ is a village information website run privately by local resident David Jones - david.jones@maisemore.org.uk 

Bus service
Service 351  is operated by Stagecoach

Refuse Collection:
Collection on Tuesdays (except Bank Holidays) alternating  between normal (including garden waste if paid extra for)  and recyclable (papers, cans, bottles, plastics) with food waste being collected every week – Tewkesbury Borough Council distribute a timetable – or you could check what the neighbours are doing! More information on the Tewkesbury Borough Council website www.tewkesbury.gov.uk

Communications Network Co-ordinator
Debbie Burgess – 01452 523730 debbie.burgess@maisemore-pc.org.uk
The Communication Network provides a means by which the Parish Council can distribute information to villagers.  The village is divided up into areas and each area has an identified Network Link

Please advise any changes or inaccuracies in this information to the clerk tel: – 01684 291069 - clerk@maisemore-pc.org.uk

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