Thursday, 29 September 2016

Let's talk!

Maisemore Parish Council has received some funding to improve communication in the village and make what the Council does more transparent to residents.

So, if you have any views on this, please come along to a meeting in the village hall at 7.30pm on Monday 17th October to talk about what should be done.  

All views will be welcome!

This meeting is intended to throw up ideas.  A decision on what to do will be made at the Parish Council meeting on 7th November.  

You could be involved in that too, as we have two vacancies to be filled by co-option - so why not talk to one of the existing councillors about that as well: Andrew Cooley (07961 574231 or, Debbie Burgess (01452 523730) or Carole Banks (01452 304598).

We’ve already made a start with this new trial website ( .uk).  Please do have a good look at it and tell us what you think - and what you would like to see.

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Andrew Cooley said...

Thanks to everyone who attended. It was a useful discussion that highlighted a number of features that would be useful on the MPC website.
A proposal on this will be put and discussed at the next MPC meeting on 7th November at 7.30pm in the village hall