Sunday 28 May 2017

Grapevine on line

The June edition of Grapevine - Maisemore's monthly newsletter - is now on line here.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Spillage on the A417

Around lunch time on Thursday a quantity of compost was dropped from a trailer travelling through the village on to the  A417 near Rectory Farm.

This was rapidly cleared up thanks to Mike Bubb contacting Richard Griffiths (Griff) who came along with the sweeper from Chamberlayne Farms.  Many thanks to all involved.

The Parish Council had contacted the County Council, but Griff had dealt with it before GCC could get there, so GCC were contacted again to let them know not to attend.

Annual Parish Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual Parish Meeting on Wednesday and contributed to some interesting and constructive discussions. 

The next Parish Council meeting is on Monday 3rd July and members of the public are very welcome to attend.  There is a time allocated at the start of the meeting for questions and comments from members of the public on any item on the agenda.  If you have an item that you would like included on the agenda, please contact the Parish Clerk, Diane Baldwin, who can advise on whether the Parish Council has any relevant powers.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Ward Boundary Review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is reviewing ward boundaries of District and Borough Councils across the country, including Tewkesbury Borough Council.  A review is triggered by more than 30% of the electoral wards becoming outside the +/-10% of the average electorate per Councillor.

Details of TBC's submission to the Boundary Commission can be found here.  It is based on the number of councillors remaining the same at 38, and there are no proposals to change the Highnam with Haw Bridge ward, of which Maisemore is part.

The Commission will be consulting on its draft recommendations from 6 June to 7 August 2017, when again any interested party will be able to comment.  The LGBCE will then publish its final recommendations on 10 October for implementation in May 2019 at the next scheduled Borough Elections.

Action on overgrowing hedges

The Parish Council is contacting Tewkesbury Borough Council's contractors, Amey, to take enforcement action on hedges that grow over and partly obstruct pavements.

Amey are expected to contact householders and, if no action is taken, they will cut the hedges and raise a charge.

The decision by the Council follows a number of advisory notes on this site and in Grapevine, but the problem persists.

The Council is also looking at ways in which the rules against parking on pavements can be enforced.  This practice puts pedestrians at risk, whereas parking on the road is both legal and helpful in reducing traffic speed through the village.

New Parish Councillor

Robert Scott will be formally co-opted on to the Parish Council at its next meeting on 3rd July.

The co-option was agreed at the last meeting subject to completion of the necessary documentation, and this has now been done.  Robert's contact details will be put on this site immediately following the next Parish Council meeting.

This will leave one vacant place on the Council, and anyone interested should contact the Parish Clerk, Diane Baldwin - or phone 01531 650885.

St Giles Church

Marnie Mitchell writes:

With Easter  now well behind us, after Holy week Reflections and the moving Final Hour service at Ashleworth (where all the churches were represented) it was back to our own services at St. Giles. The annual St. Georges day parade took place. Well done to the Leaders on the day who managed brilliantly without their scout master Tim, who was busy awaiting the arrival of his grandchild! All the colours were dutifully presented and vows renewed. 

We had still been having gremlins in the lighting system over Easter when Rev. Jean Herrick took evensong in half light (and we all ate the cup cakes provided by Lynn our organist, thanks Lynn!).  The lights were kindly rectified by Ron Lane before his sudden and untimely recent death - he will be much missed.

Our Annual General meeting took place in church recently where all the standing officers were re- elected and everyone thanked for all their valuable help over the past year, however our treasurer Mick Browning has (once again) asked to stand down after this term of office, so if anybody could help us out, please contact me or we will be in deep trouble!

The wedding season is now upon us so hopefully they will all have some more lovely sunshine on their special days - it has certainly brought us some beautiful blossom on all the fruit trees so with luck we will all have plenty of fruit later in the year!

Community Emergency Plan

The committee that maintains Maisemore's Community Emergency Plan met last week under the chairmanship of Cllr. Debbie Burgess to review the Plan.

The Community Emergency Plan (CEP) is a document which captures key information which would be useful in the event of a major incident or an emergency such as severe weather conditions which caused disruption.  The plan includes a Household Emergency Plan which you may find helpful.  It's available on this website here

At the centre of the CEP is the Communication Network, which is a pyramid structure enabling communication to every household in the parish. For this purpose the village is divided up into small areas of 10-15  houses and each area is allocated to a Network Contact.  

The Network is also used for occasional distribution of information and for raffle tickets for the Village Fete. If you would like to know more about the role and volunteer as a Network Contact, please contact Debbie Burgess, tel 01452 523730

Supporting Dementia Awareness Week

Deanwood Lodge has been running a series of events  in recognition of Dementia Awareness Week and to celebrate its 5th Anniversary.

For more information, email

Monday 15 May 2017

Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting

The agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting - on Wednesday 24th May at 7.30pm in the Village Hall - is now on this website here.

The meeting is open to all registered electors of the Parish of Maisemore.  A brief report from any group or society in the village will be most welcome - please let the Parish Clerk (Diane Baldwin) know if you intend to give one - or phone 1532 650825.

Monday 8 May 2017

Update on Intensive Poultry Unit

The Parish Council has receive a response from the Environment Agency about the application for an EA permit for a proposed intensive poultry unit near Maisemore.

The Environment Agency say:

"We have received comments on the application. We are now reviewing these comments and will ask the applicant for further information if necessary. Following this we carry out a technical assessment and make a draft decision.

Once the draft decision is made we will send this through to you, along with the draft decision document which will address the comments which we have received.  The second 20 day consultation period will then start for public comments.

At present there is not a fixed date when a draft decision will be made – but we will keep you updated on any progress"

The Environment Agency has also provided some documentation about the way they consider such applications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Factsheet- Manure

Comments that can be considered

Planning considerations



Friday 5 May 2017

County Councillor re-elected

Re-elected County Councillor for
Highnam Division, Cllr Phil Awford.
(Tewkesbury Borough
Council photo.)
Phil Awford has been re-elected for the Highnam Division of Gloucestershire County Council with about 71% of the votes cast.

Details of this result can be found on the GCC website here. The full results for the County Council are here.

Gloucestershire County Council has changed from no party having an overall majority of councillors to Conservative control.

Councillor Awford regularly attends Maisemore Parish Council meetings to report on the County Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council, of which he is also an elected member.  His contact details for both Councils can be found on the Contacts page of this site..

Thursday 4 May 2017

Agenda for Annual Parish Council Meeting

The agenda has now been published for the Annual Meeting of Maisemore Parish Council.  This is like an AGM for a Parish Council and includes such elements as the election of a chairman and vice-chairman.

It also provides an opportunity for the co-option of new councillors to fill the present two vacancies. The agenda can be found here.

Thursday 4th May is polling day

It's polling day in the County Council elections and the polling station is at the Village Hall.  The poll closes at 10pm.

If you have a postal vote and haven't sent it in, you can take it to the polling station at any time until the poll closes and hand it to the polling clerks.  Registered postal voters can't use the ordinary ballot slip but only the one sent out with the other postal vote details.

Gloucestershire County Council still provides many important services for Maisemore residents despite the reductions in local authority powers - and funding - by recent central governments.