Monday 28 February 2022

Maisemore Burglaries


From Neighbourhood Alerts (delayed in transmission owing the the only person sending them out being on holiday!):

Maisemore Burglaries

Two adjacent homes were entered during the period between midday on 22nd February and 2pm the following day.  One of the houses is situated in Old Road and was entered by forcing a rear window. The other, just a short distance away on the A4176 [sic = A417], was entered by smashing a glass panel in a rear door. 
Both homes were subjected to an untidy search of most rooms with drawers etc. being left open or the contents tipped out.  We have no detail of any stolen property at this time. 
A dark coloured vehicle was seen in the area at around 9pm on the evening of [Tuesday] 22nd February suggesting the burglaries took place after darkness had fallen.  Similar burglaries have recently occurred in The Leigh, Norton and Dymock. 
If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact the police by calling 101 and quote incident number 207 of 23rd February or online at 
You can also report information about criminal activity anonymously to CrimeStoppers by calling 0800 555111 or online at 
Although the daylight hours are lengthening into the evening now, burglars will still be on the lookout for homes left in complete darkness.  Please remember to leave a light on inside your home as darkness falls.  This is especially important if you leave your home unattended overnight or for longer periods of absence.  Also, why not let a trusted neighbour know you are going away so they can keep an eye on your home. 
 Further burglary prevention information can be found here []

Please report any suspicious activity straight away and if you believe a crime is being committed dial 999.

Message Sent By Bob Lloyd (Police, Neighbourhood Watch Officer, Gloucestershire)

Sunday 27 February 2022

Astmans Farm Poultry Unit - Public Consultation of Application to vary the Environmental Permit


You will have seen the following in The Grapevine:



Astmans Farm Poultry Unit - Public Consultation of Application to vary the Environmental Permit

Application ref: EPR/UP3330RL/V003

Existing permit

The existing Environmental Permit, reference EPR/UP3330RL, allows the Operator to house 100,000 broiler birds in two poultry houses, and operate a biomass boiler with a thermal rated input not exceeding 1.071 MWth, for site heating requirements.


On 23/6/21 the Operator of Astmans Farm Poultry Unit submitted an application to the Environment Agency to vary an existing environmental permit. The application was then duly made on 15/1/22 which means our permitting officers now have sufficient information to commence a full determination of the application, ie make a thorough assessment of the information provided in the application to decide whether or not we would be able to grant the variation.

The application is to install two additional poultry houses at the site which will allow the Operator to increase broiler bird places to a maximum of 200,000. The installation boundary will be increased to accommodate the new poultry houses. The two new poultry houses will be fitted with air scrubbers to reduce emissions of both ammonia and odour.

How to make comments on the variation

A public consultation on this application to vary the permit will go live as of the 3 March and will run until 31 March 2022 where we will gather comments for review. All relevant information regarding this application can be found at the following website:

There is more information regarding this application on the Gov.UK website at: made where you can search by either postcode or EPR reference as of 3 March 2022.

If you wish to make comments you can e-mail Or write to: P&SC - Land Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF.


What we only discovered yesterday is the attached letter which has gone out to some properties and not others advising of a drop-in consultation event at Maisemore Village Hall on WEDNESDAY 2 March 2022 - extremely short notice. 

Would any resident living in a designated "receptor" property (*) and who hasn't received the letter please contact me.

 * - number of properties were highlighted in the reported attached to the recent Planning Application for this development, which has recently been withdrawn pending this licence extension being processed