Friday 31 July 2020

New documents on this website

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 6th July are now on this website here.  Previous Agendas and Minutes are listed and can be read on the Agendas & Minutes page, accessed from the bar menu at the top of the home page.

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2019-2020 is also now available on the site here.  This and other documents can be found on the Documents page of this site.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Suspicious Persons In Maisemore

Monday 20 July 2020

Rectory Close in line for top housing award


Three developments by Gloucester-based developer Newland Homes have been shortlisted for the title of Best Development at the prestigious LABC West of England Building Excellence Awards.

Brooklands in Evesham, Rectory Gardens in Maisemore, and Sixpenny Wood in Chipping Sodbury have all been shortlisted for the title of Best High Volume New Housing Development. The winners will be announced on September 15.

The category recognises excellence in external appearance and internal planning, layout and landscaping, overcoming site constraints and attention to safety, security and accessibility.

Jeremy Drew, design director for Newland Homes, said: "The LABC Awards are a recognition of quality and dedication from the experts in the industry and having won the regional event twice in recent years, we are pleased to be shortlisted again with three impressive developments.

"We think that our homes are some of the best on offer in the region, thanks to the careful design process that goes into every home on every development, as well as considerate approach to building that ensures that an area's history and features are at the forefront to decisions such as the materials we use to build the homes."


There are just two properties remaining at Rectory Gardens, Maisemore - both four-bedroom homes that are ready to move straight into, with Amtico flooring, carpets, lighting and blinds included. Rectory Gardens borders beautiful open green space, perfect for those looking for their countryside idyll whilst staying within minutes of the city of Gloucester.

Monday 13 July 2020

Update on Carriageway resurfacing in Maisemore

Phil Awford, our County Councillor, has provided an update on the road resurfacing in Maisemore - as shown by the line on the map below.

It will also include works around the 30mph gateway at the south end of the village.

These works are now programmed to take place from 2 October 2020.

Prior warning will be given.

Share Scam reported by a villager:

As reported to me:

Scammer rang purporting to be from USA solicitors (Richieson Securities LLC) handling hostile share takeover and wanting to buy some shares I had from a company I used to work for. There is a company Richieson Securities in New York with web page

Conversation to begin with was much as you would expect although strange. However they then said that a Performance Bond would be needed to be raised in which case I would have to pay 20% of shares value and also would need to sign Power of Attorney!!!!!!!!!!

The first loud alarm bell went off ref Performance Bond as I handle that at work and know the ins and outs. No-one in there right sense would agree to anything over 0.05%  and I’m certainly not giving anyone Power of Attorney yet!

Telephone numbers scammers are using : +1 716-995-6899 (Buffalo, New York) and 020 7193 7078. Accents are Far Eastern. I have since found on web that the UK number has been flagged up as one scammers are using.

They had my name address and home telephone number from a shareholder list I expect.

I have informed the FCA and the company I have shares with.


Info on the London number given:

Burglary in Maisemore

Message from Neighbourhood Watch just received:

A house in Old Road, Maisemore was entered between 7pm on 10th July and 9pm on 12th July, while the owners were away. The offenders entered by forcing open a ground floor window and carried out an untidy search.  Cameras, alcohol and a pair of binoculars were stolen.

Please call 101 if you have any information regarding this crime and quote incident number 509 of 12th July.

Alternatively report information on line at

Its more likely that homes will now be left unoccupied as people try to catch up with family and missed holidays.  If you do go away overnight, please take steps to leave your home secure and give it the appearance of being occupied.

If you see or hear anything suspicious report it straight away to 101 or online and if you believe a crime is being committed then dial 999. You can also report information regarding criminal activity anonymously to Crime Stoppers by ringing 0800 555111.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Update on Carriageway resurfacing in Maisemore - SUPERSEDED - see later posting

I chanced upon a highway surveyor at the bridge today and quizzed him on what road works were being undertaken.

He advised that complete resurfacing was being carried out between the Maisemore side of the bridge and the Church Road junction.

He had no idea of time-scale though...

Virtual Parish Council meeting on 6th July 2020.

Maisemore Parish Council will be holding a 'virtual' meeting on Monday 6th July 2020 at 7.30pm via video conferencing, using Zoom.  

The link for this is:

Meeting ID: 775 3123 5431 - Password: 3utVdc (you shouldn't need these if clicking on the link above)

The agenda for the meeting is here and the minutes of the previous meeting are here.

Agendas and minutes of previous meetings can be accessed from the Agendas & Minutes page of this site.

Residents are invited to give their views and to question the Parish Council on issues on the Agenda; additionally they can, at the discretion of the Chairman, raise issues for future consideration. There will be a time limited of 10 minutes in total.

Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council meeting.

Please note that the free version of Zoom which we're using has a time limit of 40 minutes. After that time you will have to rejoin the meeting by clicking on the same link - so keep it handy.

We hope to welcome you in the ether!

David Jones

p.s. if you'd like to join but are unsure of the "technology", please contact me beforehand for a "trial" meeting to acquaint you with how it works.