Sunday 17 May 2015

Dismay at Tewkesbury's decision

The Parish Council has written to Tewkesbury Borough Council to express its dismay at the 'delegated permit' decision on the planning application for 15 houses on the Bell Farm site.

Manhole cover in the car park of the White Hart
being lifted by storm water.
(Photo courtesy of David Jones)
The key issue is the fact that this development would be connected to the existing sewers, which Severn Trent have told the Parish Council are already at capacity.
Although the increase in the volume of sewage may not be great (around 10%), there is already a problem with manhole covers being lifted at times of heavy rain.  This is because there is a linkage somewhere in the village between storm water drains and the sewers, so it is the storm water that surcharges the sewers and force the manhole covers up, allowing untreated sewage to flow on to the roads - mainly at the A417 junction with The Rudge and in the car park of the White Hart.

It is believed that an inch (25mm) of rain could put nearly 1 million litres of water into the system, running off from the roads, pavements and the roofs and drives of houses.