Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Over roundabout plans on show

Gloucestershire County Council's plans for improving the Over roundabout should be helpful to Maisemore residents.

A key feature of the proposal is to add a third lane on the southbound approach to the roundabout along the A417 from Maisemore.

One of the display panels at the 'public share event' on the
Over roundabout improvement scheme, held at
Hartpury village hall.  The event was well attended.
The thinking is that this will enable two lanes of traffic heading towards Gloucester, and that this will enable more vehicles to enter the roundabout every time there is a gap in the traffic approaching from the west.

There are more details about the scheme on the GCC website here. A number of plans and drawings and answers to a number of frequently asked questions can be downloaded from this GCC page.

The present scheme does not include traffic lights, but it does include laying the ducting so that these could be added at a later date with the minimum of disruption.

Adding the extra lane will invlove deep steel piling of the embankment to the north east of the roundabout.  There will have to be some road closures to achieve this, but it is hoped that these will mostly be at night.  A scheme for traffic diversion and signposting has been prepared.

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David Jones said...

Full details are now available at the GCC website. Apparently they were only uploaded yesterday.