Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Watch out - there's a thief about!

Please watch out for fraudulent emails trying to get your bank details and steal your money.  Here's one I received today:

Of course, it's not from British Gas at all - and I'm not a BG customer.  But the layout is very convincing, apart from not having my name and address.  When I spoke to British Gas so that I could forward it to them, they said that even the account number format was correct, apart from starting with the wrong digits.

These emails come in all sorts of forms and they may look very convincing.  It's very easy to pick up logos and trademarks from company websites.  The rule is never to give bank details or passwords to anyone in response to an email and never click on anything in it if the email is even remotely suspect. 

None of the banks, the police or any reputable organisation will ever ask for your bank account or password details via email - or over the phone.

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