Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fracking in Gloucestershire

Maisemore Parish Council has received a letter from Stroud Town Council, which will be discussed at the MPC meeting on 7th November.  It says:

"Gloucestershire County Council are currently consulting on a draft Minerals Local Plan for Gloucestershire (

It is a very large document, but within it on page 54 there is a draft Policy “MW06 | Oil & Gas” which opens the door to fracking in our county. The policy reads,

'Minerals development proposals for the exploration and/or production of oil & gas including through the deployment of unconventional techniques, will be permitted.'

By “unconventional techniques” what they mean is fracking. Stroud Town Council will be strongly opposing the draft Minerals Plan and has also adopted a policy on fracking.

If your council feels strongly about the idea of fracking in Gloucestershire we would encourage you to respond to the consultation and write to your local county councillor.  The closing date for comments is 5pm on 24th November 2016."

The full text of the letter and Stroud Town Council's policy on Fracking are here.

What is fracking and why is it controversial?  Here's a brief explanation on the BBC website.

The basics of shale gas extraction by fracking


David Jones said...

The document is not permitting "hydraulic fracturing" but merely allowing the possibility that it might be considered. This seems a more sensible logical and reasoned approach than a blanket ban on the basis of ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding.

David Jones said...

I would urge people to read the whole section and not just react on the basis of looking at what is noted above in isolation.