Sunday, 27 November 2016

Junction improvements

The faded white lines at the junction of
Church Road with the A417 are to be repainted.
Those at the junction between Church Road
and Old Road will also be renewed.
A site meeting took place between Rodri Grey (Gloucestershire County Council), Chris Hawkins (Amey), County Cllr Phil Awford and Parish Council Chairman, Andrew Cooley to road safety issues at the junction of Church Road and the A417 and Church Road and Old Road.  Jeremy Chamberlayne also attended.

As a result, work is being put in hand to repaint the white lines at both junctions and to repair a signpost.  There will probably be additional work to improve the drainage near the lowest points of both Old Road and Church Road.

A major concern at the junction with the A417 is that the current white lines do not extend far enough from the main road, so that vehicles attempting to come out of Church Road are forced on to the wrong side of the road and regularly meet vehicles turning off the A417 head on.  GCC are considering how this can be improved and will be looking at the possibility of 'no parking' double yellow lines round both sides of Church Road on the corner and also on the main road immediately opposite the junction.  

The Highway Code rule 243 says "DO NOT stop or park  opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction.


David Jones said...

Can I also mention that another problem at this point is the residents of Church Rise refusing to properly maintain their hedges? The pavement along Church Road is actually approx 1800mm wide yet it's MUCH less than that even when they occasionally trim it. When is Tewkesbury Borough Council going to step in and reinstate the full width of the pavement by radically trimming the hedges back?

David Jones said...

Highway Code Rule 242

You MUST NOT leave your vehicle or trailer in a dangerous position or where it causes any unnecessary obstruction of the road.

Laws RTA 1988 sect 22 & CUR reg 103

David Jones said...

Rule 248

You MUST NOT park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognised parking space.

Laws CUR reg 101 & RVLR reg 24

David Jones said...

Rule 250

Cars, goods vehicles not exceeding 2500 kg laden weight, invalid carriages, motorcycles and pedal cycles may be parked without lights on a road (or lay-by) with a speed limit of 30 mph (48 km/h) or less if they are:

at least 10 metres (32 feet) away from any junction, close to the kerb and facing in the direction of the traffic flow
in a recognised parking place or lay-by.

Other vehicles and trailers, and all vehicles with projecting loads, MUST NOT be left on a road at night without lights.

Laws RVLR reg 24 & CUR reg 82(7)

David Jones said...

There seems to no shortage of legislation - it's the fact the Police won't take action that's the problem.