Thursday, 26 January 2017

Environment Agency wants your views

The Environment Agency is conducting user research in some areas of England known to be at risk of flooding. What the Agency learns from this research will shape tomorrow's flood information service and benefit millions of people across the country.

The Environment Agency is asking you to help by providing feedback on how you feel about your flood risk and how you get your information.

As part of this research the Agency is looking for people who use the internet and those who don't.

You'll need to share your thoughts, either with a quick phone call or using a very short online feedback form, a couple of times during February and March 2017.

Taking part will help your community and make a real difference to the way the Environment Agency designs their services.

To register your interest you can telephone, email, or go online using the contacts below:

Telephone: 07790 776043 or 07713 626041

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