Saturday, 20 May 2017

Community Emergency Plan

The committee that maintains Maisemore's Community Emergency Plan met last week under the chairmanship of Cllr. Debbie Burgess to review the Plan.

The Community Emergency Plan (CEP) is a document which captures key information which would be useful in the event of a major incident or an emergency such as severe weather conditions which caused disruption.  The plan includes a Household Emergency Plan which you may find helpful.  It's available on this website here

At the centre of the CEP is the Communication Network, which is a pyramid structure enabling communication to every household in the parish. For this purpose the village is divided up into small areas of 10-15  houses and each area is allocated to a Network Contact.  

The Network is also used for occasional distribution of information and for raffle tickets for the Village Fete. If you would like to know more about the role and volunteer as a Network Contact, please contact Debbie Burgess, tel 01452 523730

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