Monday, 29 May 2017

Grapevine on line

The June edition of Grapevine - Maisemore's monthly newsletter - is now on line here.


David Jones said...

To print out:

1. Download
2. Open with Acrobat Reader
3. Hit "Print" to open the dialogue box, and then select "Booklet"
4. If your printer prints double-sided, select Printer Properties and set to Flip on Short Edge (or equivalent)
5. Hit "Print"

Andrew Cooley said...

The paper version of Grapevine is still being delivered to every household in the village, so there should be no need to print it out. It is on line for ease of access and for reference in the future.

Anonymous said...

As we drove through the village on Saturday afternoon there was a pall of smoke across the main A38: and this on a beautiful hot, sunny July afternoon.
It seems a little self centred, not to mention a trifle careless, to light bonfires when everyone has their windows open or are outside enjoying their gardens. Added to which, while the lack of rainfall has made everything extremely tinder-box dry, it takes only just one spark to cause a major fire.
Please can everyone be a little more thoughtful of their neighbours