Monday, 8 May 2017

Update on Intensive Poultry Unit

The Parish Council has receive a response from the Environment Agency about the application for an EA permit for a proposed intensive poultry unit near Maisemore.

The Environment Agency say:

"We have received comments on the application. We are now reviewing these comments and will ask the applicant for further information if necessary. Following this we carry out a technical assessment and make a draft decision.

Once the draft decision is made we will send this through to you, along with the draft decision document which will address the comments which we have received.  The second 20 day consultation period will then start for public comments.

At present there is not a fixed date when a draft decision will be made – but we will keep you updated on any progress"

The Environment Agency has also provided some documentation about the way they consider such applications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Factsheet- Manure

Comments that can be considered

Planning considerations



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