Sunday, 16 July 2017

Funerals and flowers at St Giles

The sombre note has continued at St. Giles this month  - firstly with the funeral of Colin Streeter, who lived in Maisemore some years back and has family attachments to the village.  It was a beautiful and emotional service. This was followed by the memorial service for Stephanie Parsons whose brother Stephan arranged the most magnificent display of flowers that the church is ever likely to witness!  He and his helpers adorned all the windows and pillars with flowers and foliage, some of the peonies as big as dinner plates and beautiful perfume from dozens of roses, whilst at the altar , 2 enormous urns full of various blooms. The service, with 3 eulogies, was an excellent tribute. I should like to thank everybody concerned who helped afterwards to clear things away. Later in that week, the ashes of Cora Ann Gough were interred in a private service.

Let's hope that this sees an end to the sadness at St. Giles as we look forward to the wedding of Scott Warner and Louise Barter in warm sunshine; the weather certainly keeping us on our toes with such changes in temperature of late.

We send greetings to our friends at Deanwood Lodge, many of whom enjoyed their latest service led by Rev. John, singing along in the sunshine.
From material submitted by Marnie Mitchell

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