Thursday, 2 November 2017

Could Maisemore be 'Blooming good'

Prompted by the outstanding success of a village in Lancashire in becoming 'Champion of Champions' in the Britain in Bloom competition, Maisemore Parish Council will be considering a proposal to take part either in Britain in Bloom or the non-competitive RHS "It's Your Neighbourhood" scheme.

Parish Councillors and volunteers celebrate
Elswick's success in becoming Champion
of Champions in the 2017 Britain in Bloom
competition with apples from their community orchard.
Royal Horticultural Society photo.
Elswick, in The Fylde, has been participating in Britain in Bloom for a number of years and the original entry was triggered by a wish to clean up the village, reduce litter and improve community involvement.  These are aims shared by Maisemore Parish Council.

“It’s clear that for the people of Elswick, Britain in Bloom is not only a competition but a way of life," said Roger Burnett, chair of the RHS Britain in Bloom judges. "The group's entry was fantastic, very well thought through and of the highest standard. To be awarded Champion of Champions is a tremendous achievement. Elswick in Bloom's many volunteers should be applauded for how they’ve turned the village round into somewhere that is clean, green, beautiful and a source of pride for the whole community.”

If you think that Maisemore could - and should - participate in one of these schemes, please do let us know - email  - especially if you are prepared to help make it happen or can suggest an area in the village that might benefit, however large or small. 

Here are some links to set you thinking:

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