Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tailback to Hartpury today

This morning, Tuesday 28th November, traffic was tailing back from the Over roundabout right through Maisemore all the way to Hartpury.  

The works at the Over roundabout are due next year and may make some improvement.  But they will not include traffic lights, as many Maisemore residents have suggested, although the ducting for possible lights in the future will be installed.

Incidents like this, though, strengthen the case for traffic lights on the Over roundabout, possibly just for use at peak times or when traffic is diverted from the M5 along the M50 and down the A417.

There will be some preparatory work at the Over roundabout during the winter months to clear vegetation from the embankment ready for the main works next year.  Cllr Awford has warned residents not to think this is the start of the main works, but clearing trees and bushes must be done before the main bird nesting season.

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Mark Wardle said...

Surely the best idea is to build yet more houses in Maisemore? It can only help.