Saturday, 25 August 2018

September's agenda now available

The agenda for the meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 3rd September is now available here.  It includes a presentation about the Complete Utilities and Gigaclear project to install full fibre broadband in Maisemore.

The minutes of the July meeting are here.  Previous agendas and minutes can be read on the Agendas and Minutes page using the menu at the top of this page.


David Jones said...

Section 11 of minutes is confused. Repetition, missing words, etc

Andrew Cooley said...

Suggested amendments to the minutes should be addressed to the clerk, so that appropriate action can be taken under item 3 of the September agenda.

David Jones said...

I give up!

David Jones said...

The minutes should be proof read before publication!

David Jones said...

For example this sentence is missing its end. I can't suggest an amendment to such a clause!

"Cllr Awford thanked the residents of Maisemore for their patience and understanding of the road works being carried out on the"

And what does this mean - we don't have any low bridges in the parish - I can't suggest an amendment to this:

"Phil Awford had been e mailed regarding ‘sign for low bridge’."

And this one aside from the plurality of the last word being missed is simply wrong - it IS being used:

"After campaigning to get the cycle route through Maisemore usable, it is still not being used by cyclist."

News Editor said...

Thank you for your helpful comments. Unfortunately, in the real world, many things that should happen don't. As you know from your own experience on the Parish Council, the minutes posted after a meeting are drafts, and are not confirmed until the following meeting. This draft has now been amended.