Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Parish Council Meeting Agenda

The agenda for next Monday's Parish Council meeting is now on this website here.  The meeting is at 7.30pm in the committee room of the Village Hall and will start with a public participation in which residents may comment or ask questions on any item on the agenda.  Members of the public may not particiapte in the meeting after this point.

The draft minutes of the previous meeting are here.  Agendas and minutes for earlier meetings can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page of this site, accessed from the bar menu above.


Catnip cottage said...

With regard to the poultry houses. On Tuesday 8th January @ 9.30ish 2 men in dayglo' jackets were surveying the field in question. Does this suggest that the poultry houses are to be constructed regardless of pcc recommendations

News Editor said...

No. The owners are at liberty to carry out survey work in preparation for the development, but it cannot go ahead without planning permission.

The Parish Council will submit comments to Tewkesbury Borough Council - following the public meeting on Wednesday 16th - and they will be considered by TBC along with other comments in arriving at a decision. TBC are the planning authority and any member of the public can submit comments to them directly via their website -