Thursday, 4 January 2018

Bus service from Maisemore to Gloucester to be reduced

The Parish Council has learned that the Swanbrook 351 bus services from Maisemore to Gloucester will be reduced after 4th February.

Until then, a temporary timetable is in force, including the bus that leaves Maisemore at 8.35am.

We have been in contact with both Swanbrook and Gloucestershire County Council about this.  The service is currently operating with two vehicles, one of which is operated directly by Swanbrook and the other under a contract with the County Council.  Swanbrook say that the number of passengers cannot cover the cost of operating the second vehicle and GCC are unable to extend the contract to cover it.

This means that the frequency of the 351 service is likely to be halved after 4th February - certainly out of Hartpury College term time - and the 8.35am bus from Maisemore will be one of the casualties.

This will have a very serious impact on some families in the village who depend on this bus to get to work.

GCC are investigating the possibility of extending the 'Parish Lift' scheme, and there should be some more information on this by next Monday, 8th Jan.

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David Millar said...

Hi I'm a user of the 0835 bus from the village to Gloucester. I have noted the commentsame and registered my compliant withe county council. One comment passed was the earlier bus at 0730 I believe is better used I tried this bus andriver can say no way the 0835 is a busier bus what with people going to work and college or hospital appointment sorry doctors which I believe is why losing this service is wrong. In case anyone feels we our over reacting I say look at the village of Witcombe they lost one bus service and now have none there only reminder is a bus shelters. Supporting Hartpury is great but we'really here all year not just term time and why should rural services suffer please support the bus users on this route if the county council use money then shorten the route run it from Corse/Staunton via villages on route to Gloucester. I can't make the meeting on Monday but my family will be there to urge you all to fight this move or get the county council to find a suitable alternative Thankyou.