Monday, 22 January 2018

Will Carillion collapse affect Maisemore's fibre broadband

Andrew Cooley writes:

I was concerned that the collapse of Carillion might affect the plan for bringing high speed fibre broadband to Maisemore around the middle of the year, so I emailed Gigaclear about it.

They have now replied:

The effect to our plans should be minimal as (along with other protections) the contract is with Carillion Telent which was a separate subsidiary somewhat isolated from this unfortunate turn of events. Telent has already agreed to take on the Carillion staff within the CT structure you may have seen in the news.

There’s some more detail here including our CEO’s official statement on the similar contracts in Devon and Somerset:  

I hope this provides some reassurance. Given the complexity of things I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some knock on to the timeline but it’s not in terrible jeopardy.

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