Thursday, 13 April 2017

News from the Churches

Marnie Mitchell writes:

At the first of our services for Mothering sunday, the children from Hartpury school came to St. Giles to act out thanks for their mothers.  The church was full and some of the children had made pictures of their mums whilst some sang about them individually and others read the liturgy beautifully and gave them posies. 

The following Sunday a rather smaller group enjoyed Rev.Penny's sermon, the hymns and a small plant.
The Lent group and its subject "abiding" has caused much discussion. Nearly all our churches were represented and there was plenty of scope for thought.  The word "abiding" now has many more definitions than just "living,staying and trusting."

Our first wedding of the year:- the sun shone in abundance and the bride Nicola looked radiant. Beautiful singing from St.Peter's School choir and a plethora of photographers from the Gloscat photography section should certainly provide Nicola and Andy with some great memories of their day. It was especially nice to see the guests all walking down the road in the sun to the village hall with the church bells pealing out for them.

I do hope you too have enjoyed the glorious weather in early April. I have never seen snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and tulips all out in my garden at once!

It has been brought to my notice that some people do not know about the "7 parishes magazine".  This brings news of events around our local villages; fetes, concerts, sports and adverts from local tradesfolk etc. as well as church news, and all for 30p a month(£3.50 year).  Anybody who would like one delivered to their home, please contact me on tel.01452 700790. (You will also find the details inside the church)

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