Friday, 16 February 2018

Faster broadband sooner?

The Parish Council has received this email from Voneus, who offer an alternative means of delivering faster broadband:

"Having heard a piece on Radio Gloucestershire describing the woeful state of broadband in Maisemore I thought this would be a good opportunity for Voneus to reach out to your community.

Voneus are a BDUK accredited provider of superfast broadband. With over 3500 homes now installed and a significant number of those in the Cotswolds and the South West, we would welcome the opportunity of meeting with interested local people and the Parish Council to explain our plans in your area and our method of delivery.

In a nutshell, we distribute fibre wirelessly to properties within line of sight and if no line of sight present we create a 'meshed network' to get to those harder to reach homes. There’s no digging or roadworks, we just install a point-to-point link to the highest site we can find – usually the church, and from there to the surrounding houses. The equipment is very discrete and suitable for listed buildings.

We are also partners with Gigaclear, so if their fibre eventually reaches your village we can migrate those who want it to our full fibre service, without them having to break a contract.

Voneus have vast experience of Community Fibre Initiatives and how they are provisioned. In your area we currently have networks near Frampton, Hardwicke and Redmarley so we have the necessary infrastructure in place to potentially provide superfast broadband into your village within a couple of months.

We deliver a service of 30-50mbps to individual properties. We have two simple offerings, £20 for 20Gb p/m or £34.99 for unlimited data, full details on our website.

I’m sure there will be a demand in your village so am eager to find a local champion who may be able to assist. I hope you can help!

We would be delighted to present something to your PC meeting. As Gigaclear partners and part of Fastershire we are aware of the plans, and also aware that dates can be subject to slippage!

As Maisemore is geographically close to Gloucester we see an opportunity to deliver a service in a much shorter timescale. The church would seem to be key, and we can offer a financial incentive in this regard."

As a result of this, Voneus have been invited to attend the next Parish Council meeting on Monday 5th March at 7.30pm in the committee room of the Village Hall.  More information will be put on this website following that meeting.

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