Sunday, 17 November 2019

General Election candidates

Candidate Name

Home Address
Constituency /
Country  of residence

Description of candidate
BURRETT Julian Marcus
Reddings Lane
Staunton Coleford
GL16 8NZ

HARPER Mark James
The Old Shop
Newham Bottom
Ruardean Glos
GL17 9UB

The Conservative
Party Candidate
Beech House
Plump Hill
Glencoe Lane Mitcheldean
GL17 0EU

Labour and Cooperative Party
Lorien Cottage
St Briavels
Lydney Glos
GL15 6SE

The Green Party 

The full Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll can be found here.  

Additional information about the General Election can be found on the Forest of Dean Borough Council website here.


David Jones said...

Further details on the Village Hall noticeboard

Andrew Cooley said...

There is no Liberal Democrat candidate nominated because Forest of Dean is one of the constituencies where the selected Lib Dem candidate (Janet Ellard) has stood aside in favour of the Green Party candidate under the 'Unite to Remain' agreement (

Unfortunately our voting system distorts the results and a party gaining little over 30% of the votes may gain an overall majority in parliament. Some people may wish to vote tactically to try to offset this and there are a number of websites about tactical voting which may help people to make a decision about how to vote, such as Best for Britain (

Although I'm a founder member of the Liberal Democrats, I'll be voting Labour in the Forest of Dean constituency on 12th December as the best chance of preventing a Conservative majority.