Thursday, 17 March 2022

Poultry Farm expansion

Maisemore Parish Council writes:

surprisingly low public attendance at the recent MPC meeting - just one person. Yet we were discussing the poultry farm extension proposals. Does no one have any concerns about that?


Barbara Banks said...

I most definitely have concerns about the poultry sheds.I have written to Tewkesbury planning council and spoken to the environment agency officer when they came to the village hall. On the hottest two days of the year I’m having to close all my windows and doors because of the disgusting smell from those poultry sheds and I’m not even that close! I have complained to the environment agency, it’s really unfair that the enjoyment of my home and village is spoiled by that horrible stench
Barbara Banks

David Jones said...

Thank you for your comment. Would you please indicate the approximate area you live in.

David Jones said...

For everyone's information only five residents have objected to the current application. It goes to Planning Committee next week with an officer's recommendation for Approval.

Unknown said...

We noticed a particularly bad problem with the smell on both Sat (16th July 2022) & Sun (17th July 2022) night & again today (18th July 2022) at lunchtime. I dare say that we wouldn't normally have noticed anything but with it being so hot we've had doors/windows open in the evening & at night plus we've been outside watering the more drought sensitive plants. The stench has been particularly nasty & we suspect that it's temperature related leading to the sheds being vented - the poor chickens must be absolutely roasting!

With a steer from David Jones (thank you) about who to contact, I complained directly to the site manager on Sat night about the smell, he acknowledged the complaint but said there was little he could do. So today I called the environment agency to seek advice. They have advised the following, we need to call the incident hotline 0800 807060 whenever we have a problem with something environmental & chicken shed related - smell, pollution, noise disturbance etc.

To that end, I've been on the phone to the environment agency twice so far today to complain about the stench coming from the chicken sheds - earlier to report the incidents over the weekend then after lunch to let them know it's still an issue.

We all need to be doing this every time there is a problem with smell, behaviour, water pollution. Basically we need to "play the game" so that there are official records of the complaints when anyone has an issue rather than simply complaining amongst ourselves.

The only way things will get improved is if we ensure the environment agency is aware of the problems & the only way that happens is by raising the profile of the problem in their stats. The number is 24 hour & freephone so, when there's a problem, please get reporting!